European Supply Chain Law

Law on Transparency in Supply Chains

Our compliance with all labor laws, as well as our commitment to treating everyone with dignity and respect, includes full compliance with the European Supply Chain Transparency Act 2022. This legislation aims to increase the availability of information provision by manufacturers and retailers regarding their efforts to combat slavery and human trafficking in their global supply chains. KODAWARI FAMILY, SASU (“kodawari family” or the “Company”) has a long-standing commitment to operating all of our facilities in compliance with all local, state and federal laws, and to managing our business in an ethical and responsible manner, including including complying with all applicable wage and hour laws and regulations. Additionally, we are committed to treating everyone with dignity and respect.

KODAWARI FAMILY requires that our associates and anyone working on our behalf, including our business partners, suppliers, service providers, independent contractors and each of their subcontractors, comply with all laws and regulations of the countries in which they operate and in which KODAWARI FAMILY operates, as well as company procedures and policies.

In particular, KODAWARI FAMILY demands that all actors in our supply chains adhere to an absolute prohibition on human trafficking, slavery or forced labor of any kind, including child labor and contract work. Our supply chain partners must comply with all applicable state or local laws regarding age requirements, child labor, working conditions, hours worked and wages earned. Working conditions must comply with all applicable laws regarding safety, health and cleanliness of workplaces.

In many cases, KODAWARI FAMILY requires its supply chain partners to certify and guarantee their compliance with these standards. We reserve the right to monitor compliance with this policy through unannounced facility inspections by third party monitors as well as KODAWARI FAMILY representatives. We require our supply chain partners to maintain on-site documentation of their compliance with this policy and to allow full access to facilities for inspection of worker records. Our supply chain partners must also make workers available for confidential interviews, without fear of retaliation.

Compliance with all provisions of these standards is mandatory for KODAWARI FAMILY associates and our supply chain partners. We reserve the right to terminate our business relationship with anyone who violates the law, these standards or any applicable company policies.

As part of our commitment to apply and comply with the principles set out in the Act, KODAWARI FAMILY provides training on recognizing the warning signs of human trafficking and slavery to employees who have direct responsibility in supply chain management.